Willson Safety Products was founded in 1871 in Reading, PA and originally focused only on manufacturing optical glass for civilian and industrial applications. In the 1890's they expanded into safety equipment manufacture, including half-mask respirators. Our interest in them however, does not start until 1938, when Willson filed the patent for it's first full-face mask.

The first full face mask that we can associate with Willson is shown to the right. As of yet there is no official name for it, although in the past it has incorrectly been called the WIG-F2. While we do know that Willson filed a patent for the facepiece in 1937, the Acushnet company an almost definite claim to actually designing the facepiece. The testimony of Dick Young Jr., son of the founder of Acushnet, is linked below.

Willson Injection Molded Facepiece

Most Willson masks follow a standard naming nomenclature, based on their facepiece, headharness, purpose and filter arrangement. The chart to the right can be used to ID most standard masks.

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