The Pulmosan Industrial Safety Company produced a lot of masks, and we are still not entirely sure of the full extent of it's production lines, or the exact years at which they began or ended. As such, the masks shown here should by no means be considered a complete roster.

When discussing Pulmosan, it is key to mention the modular half mask patent that was filed in February of 1925. The company would go on to make at least a dozen different half masks based off of the basic design depicted to the right. One of the more interesting ones, the "Fear-Not", can be seen in a range of different variations at the link below.

Original Patent: 1,710,160

Pulmosan purchased Kops-Type kits from MSA, and packaged them in their own boxes. More about the V1 can be found on the "MSA Burrell" page.


The mask to the right originally belonged to Johannes Moller, it is the one found on the gasmasklexikon.com page. The box is not original to the mask, as the exporter (a man of Spanish extraction) decided not to include the one the mask was first found in.

Pulmosan-resold MSA Burrell Kops-Type

Pulmosan 1750. One of the company's few full-face masks, the 1750 saw a decent range of variants and applications, and brought Pulmosan a decent amount of money through contracts with the Lake Erie Chemical Company (LECCO). More photos of 1750 variants can be found at the link below.

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