The purpose of this page is to explain some of the logic behind the info and pictures offered on this website. I am writing it in case I am no longer available for contact, so that the context of my work is not completely lost.


  1. Given that I have made a decent amount of guesses, educated or not, regarding some of the masks on here, and the connections between companies, I would firstly like to ask that the info contained herein not be taken as the gospel truth. If you can prove me wrong, don't be afraid to say so, publicly or privately. If we are to move forward, we should not be afraid to discard falsehoods, regardless of who first stated them.

  2. While writing this website, I was inclined to assume the fantastic, rather than the reasonable. I tried to avoid this as much as possible, but sometimes the two are very close.

  3. The amount of info I wrote on some companies is sometimes disproportionate to their actual role in the US industrial economy. The Davis, Bullard and Gibbs companies were not well known in their own times, but I have written much on them because I find them interesting. On the flip side, Scott did a massive amount of both military and LEO contracts, but I barely touch on all their masks, simply because there's not much difference between the different models.

  4. I have tried to avoid referencing the internal politics of the gas mask collecting community, but there is the possibility that bits and pieces of my personal views have shown through. Please understand that I mean no hard feelings towards anyone, even those that I have notably bad relations to. Except you. You know what you did. (c) Moulage, 2017. Drawings (c) Canis-Infernalis.