Since facebook has the functionality and tact of a dead horse, I've set this page up to host scanned documents I've made. Feel free to contact me with questions or requests at gasmaskbunker@gmail.com

Breathing in Irrespirable Atmospheres, by Robert H. Davis. Chapter IV, The Evolution of Respiratory Protection

Navy Department of Medicine Breathing Apparatuses

3 Period Photos of the Akron Tissot

Davis Safety Service Catalog No. 506, showing multiple chin-welded facepieces

Manual for Navy Smoke Mask, Model NM (Early Fire-Fighting Rebreather)

The Gas Mask, 1942. NOT A TM 3-205. Pamphlet for CWS.

Scanned Diagrams from an early draft of "US CBW Masks: History"

Sales Brochure for the SM-90 and SM-3

Sales Brochure for the PM3 and PM-33

Installing Inserts (?) In the SM-81

TM 3-4240-269-12, 1969

Mask, Riot Control Agent, XM28E4, "Big Book"

Kemira Safety M'95 Sales Brochure

Kemira Safety History Book Pt. 1

Kemira Safety History Book Pt. 2

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