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Since facebook has the functionality and tact of a dead horse, I've set this page up to host scanned documents I've made. Feel free to contact me with questions or requests at

Breathing in Irrespirable Atmospheres, by Robert H. Davis. Chapter IV, The Evolution of Respiratory Protection

Navy Department of Medicine Breathing Apparatuses

3 Period Photos of the Akron Tissot

Davis Safety Service Catalog No. 506, showing multiple chin-welded facepieces

Manual for Navy Smoke Mask, Model NM (Early Fire-Fighting Rebreather)

The Gas Mask, 1942. NOT A TM 3-205. Pamphlet for CWS.

Scanned Diagrams from an early draft of "US CBW Masks: History"

Sales Brochure for the SM-90 and SM-3

Sales Brochure for the PM3 and PM-33

Installing Inserts (?) In the SM-81

TM 3-4240-269-12, 1969

Mask, Riot Control Agent, XM28E4, "Big Book"

Kemira Safety M'95 Sales Brochure

Kemira Safety History Book Pt. 1

Kemira Safety History Book Pt. 2