Bullard-Davis Half Masks

At some point in the 1930's, Bullard-Davis manufactured and marketed two industrial half masks. No surviving examples have been found, only a few images. If you have one of these masks, please contact me.

Davis Gas Masks

Type NC

The Davis Gas Mask Type NC is equipped with nose clip and mouth piece connection. This type connection makes it possible to use welding goggles and is suitable when only pulmonary protection is desired. Furnished with any of the the C series canisters.

Price complete as shown $10.75

Mouth Piece, nose clip and corrugated tube only. Price $5.50

Analysis: The Type NC uses standard Davis hardware, barring the mouthpiece and noseclips. The extremely poor image quality makes it difficult to observe, but due to the angle of the angletube assembly I am inclined to believe it is a custom-made part, and not a converted WW1 era box respirator component.  I am also inclined to believe the noseclips sat on top of the nose, as evident by the small portion of dark material apparently spanning the bridge of the wearer’s nose.

To date, this is the only documentation of the Type NC we have, in any format. I believe the device to date from the early 1920’s to the early 1930’s, as it does not appear in my 1934 sales brochure.


Type R

Our Respirator Type Gas Mask is also designed to take care of special conditions. Respirator is safe and pliable and is perfect seal. Side pouch carries entire outfit when not in use.
Price: $12.50 (without goggles)

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