E. D. Bullard

The ED Bullard mask is known for only one "Vintage" gas mask (Although they did purchase some "Connell Davis" masks from Davis, their East Coast Corporate Partners), and that mask is simply called the Bullard Mask. There are only two variants of the Bullard mask, an early variant with a simple metal exhale valve cover, and a later one that used a plastic cover, like the one seen in Johannes Moller's collection at gasmasklexikon.com.

The example to the right is the earlier variant, which entered production in roughly 1932. It is the only known survivor of it's kind. It relied on a slush-molded facepiece, and features separated internal tissot tubes, running up from the hose through the exhale valve mechanism.

Edward W. Bullard filed 2 patents for similar facepieces, and 2 patents for different exhale valves. They can all be viewed in their entirety at the link below.

1932 Patent Bullard

The Bullard mask was available with a wide range of filters, as seen in the advertisement to the right. Hose mask (today called Fresh Air Breathing Apparatus "FABA") setups were also available, with two different hose lengths. It is of interest that the ad lists the standard APR (filter) setup as Canister Mask "CM" and the Hose Masks as HM-2 and HM-3.

The date of this ad's publication is unknown, but estimated to be mid 1930's or early 1940's, judging by it's depiction of the early "1932" variant.

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